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Who We Are.

We are HEAT! a lifestyle brand that creates premium experience for those who dare for more…


Our Hospitality services are characterized by fascination, luxury and quality wherever you decide to visit in Nigeria.


Whatever the show is about, just name it and you have it. Also For the Artist looking for promotion, funding, or other opportunities...

Arts & Culture

Are you an Art Lover? We can lead you to see history in still images that will make you travel back in time and experience for yourself.


Get immersed in local culture, be amazed by off-the-beaten-track destinations, and make memories and friendships that last a lifetime.

Why We Stand Out..

  • Treat all people with respect.
  • Act with integrity.
  • Be passionate about what we do.
  • Encourage personal growth and development.
  • Behave ethically and responsibly in all aspects of our business.

“To lead in excellence and innovation within the Nigerian Hospitality, Entertainment, Arts and Tourism space, providing premium experience for those who dare for more.”

“To present an exceptional level of personalised service through innovative ideas and experiences that is premium and exclusive to those who want more.”


Get To Know Us.

Though formally founded in 2017, HEAT has long existed in the creative mind of its founders; formed and framed on the palms of the experiences of men and women who have experienced all there is to be experienced across regions and races, locally and globally. It was against the backdrop of these experiences that HEAT was formed as a lifestyle brand that creates premium experience for those who dare for more.

At HEAT, one size does not fit all when it comes to experiences. We pay pains taking attention to the details of our client’s lifestyle, wants and tastes in order to create a customized experience they can live to remember.

Would you like take a trip to experience Nigeria?